At Celtek Genes, we offer very competitive prices without reducing the quality of our gene synthesis service.

Our price is as low as $0.39 per base pair. Our fee for gene synthesis service is straightforward, without future obligation and hidden cost. You retain all rights to your sequence data and related intellectual property. Shown below is our gene synthesis pricing table:


Size of Gene Delivery Time Price (USD)
<650 bp 8-10 working days $250/gene
650 bp – 1,000 bp 10-12 working days $0.39/bp
1 Kbp – 3.0 Kbp 12-20 working days $0.39/bp
>3.0 Kbp inquire $0.41/bp


Example: For a gene with 1,000 bp, the gene synthesis price would be $390 ($0.39×1,000).


  1. For complex sequences, please contact us for a quote.
  2. The price in the table includes a free cloning into one of our three standard vectors (pBluescriptII SK, pGH, or pUC57, please inquire for other available vectors).  The fee for cloning into a non-standard or customer-specified vector is $180. If needed, codon optimization service is also free of charge.
  3. Synthetic gene protocols used at Celtek Genes allow rapid turnaround times on any size gene synthesis order.  

To place a gene synthesis order or request a quotation, please go to the obtain a quote form in this Web site. You can also order your genes by “Clicking” Contact to email us or by calling us at :

Toll-free phone: 855-873-4558