With our extensive experience in custom gene synthesis, we can help you with the design and synthesis of your genes and with technical information that can be useful to your research.

Codon usage in your gene will be optimized for maximal protein expression. Using codon usage tables, we will convert your amino acid sequence into a DNA sequence with codon usage favorable to high-level protein expression in a specified organism, and also optimizes the RNA secondary structure, GC content, repetitive codons etc.

If you want to determine the functional consequences of a large number of point mutations in a gene, you can order, without additional fee, synthetic genes in which all four nucleotides or any custom combination of these are substituted at a given nucleotide position in roughly equal amounts. This leads to a large number of variants that can be screened using a specific screening protocol.

We can also help you design your synthetic genes for other applications. For more details, see Applications page.

For the gene synthesis services provided, we guarantee:

Absolute confidentiality: Your gene sequence will be kept completely confidential. If needed, we will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement stating that we will not use or disclose the sequence of your gene to a third party for any reason.

High quality: Synthetic gene sequences will be confirmed base-by-base using automated bi-directional fluorescent DNA sequencing, and we guarantee 100% match with your requested sequence.

Flexibility of the service: We can synthesize almost any gene or cDNA, including complex sequences, such as sequences with a high GC content, highly repetitive sequences, etc.

Custom quantities: If required, we can supply large quantities of plasmid or DNA fragment according to customer’s need.